Disclaimer:  I received this box at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

   I was able to get my hands on this box and and loved it!   This is def. something different from a lot of the other subscription boxes out there.   From the front of the box to right when you open shows that this box would be exciting.  
   A little about the company itself.   This box focuses on bringing new and upcoming bands to the spotlight and letting everyone get a feel for what all is out there.   
   This company offers two types of boxes.  
  1. Enter The Pit:  Month to month is 19.95 and a 3 month prepay is 59.00. Free Shipping on both!
  2. Picking Up Change :  Month to month is 9.99 and 3 month prepay is 26.00 Free Shipping on both!
   With the Enter The Pit box, you can get CD's, apparel, DVD's/ Blue Rays, Stickers, Buttons, and more.   
   With the Picking Up Change box you can get two CD's and whatever goodies they decide to throw in!  

   Right when I opened the box I knew I was going to like it.  First impression was that it was very well thought out and was personalized.  When I say it was personalized I mean it had a hand written letter thanking me for getting a box and explained about the box itself and what the company is trying to achieve.  

   This first thing I took out of the box was The T-shirt.  This is a good quality shirt and something I would wear around.   The shirt is 100% cotton and has the name of the box on the front.   

   My box came with 3 CD's and 1 Vinyl.  
  1. Knucklehead: click here for Knucklehead's YouTube channel.  This is a guy who can rock it out with his guitar!   While there is no vocal, you can still def rock out to it.  If you enjoy rocking out with instrumental then def. check him out! 
  2. Phantasmal:  Facebook site and website Check out both of these sites for this next band.  This band is my favorites out of the three CD's.  They def have a great sound to them.  Instrumentals are crazy good and the singer is great.  This is def. someone I will keep looking into!  I could not find their YouTube channel if they did have one.  
  3. Truth In Needles:  Facebook , Website, and YouTube .   Def check this band out!  This is very close 2nd place right behind Phantasmal in my books.  Just sit back, listen and rock out with this group.  The genre for this group is Punk//THRASH/METAL.   Another reason I like this CD is that inside the cover is the lyrics to every song so you can know every single word and also rock out with every song!  
  4. It's What We Know Vinyl.  Bad AssetsIron City HooligansTruth In Needles , and Side Swiped All are in this vinyl.  While I could not listen to the vinyl itself due to not having something to it with I did search all of the artist and the songs and thought they were all very good.   One of the bands I got the CD in the box, while the others were new to me.   
The following are some more of the other goodies I received in the box.  ENJOY!

Overall this is a great box and something I would totally recommend to anyone who is into Metal / Punk Rock/ and Thrash Metal.   This box is a great way of introducing new and upcoming artist to the world and I am sure this box will go a long way!  Def. go and check out MOSHBOXX now! 

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